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Craig Thomas & Bluetopia at the Porcupine Freedom Festival

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Porcupine Freedom Festival, 10 Rogers Campground Road, Lancaster NH 03584

The Porcupine Freedom Festival(Porcfest) is a yearly event celebrating freedom and liberty in the great state of New Hampshire. It features speakers and many facets of the arts...This is a 6 day festival, ticketed event. The cost is 125.00 for the week. Day passes are not yet available..

125.00 for the week. Day prices are not yet available

At a recent show at the Strange Brew Tavern in Manchester NH

Here's some videos of various stages of Craig Thomas's career in music.....starting with a saxophone solo with Jim Messina and Rusty Young a few years back....


Here's the trailer from the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie "Death Warrant"


Performing with the band Pockets, featuring Tata Vega with Bill Champlin on the Otis Redding classic "Try A Little Tenderness."


Vocals on the song "One Touch" written by Preston Glass, Al Jarreau, and saxophonist Warren Hill from his debut album


Although a saxophonist himself, Craig's vocals are in demand for other saxophonists' recordings, this time with the late E Street Band's Clarence Clemons, for two songs on his "Hero" album. First up is "Cross The Line" written by Meade Brown, Lloyd Landesman, and "Christina" written by Narada Michael Walden and Jeffry Cohen



From the movie "Maid To Order" starring Aly Sheedy, Merry Clayton, and many other well known actors, Craig sings "I'm On My Own" written by Ralph Jones. The song starts at 3:55 in the video......


Since Craig is both an accomplished saxophonist AND vocalist, here's a session where he plays and sings on the same track.....with Jermaine Jackson, on the song "Next To You."